The PROPHET Muhammad (570 SM – 632 SM)

Appointed from Michael’s h. Hart book

The fall of my choice to Muhammad’s Prophet in the first place of the list of one hundred figure that was influential in the temporary startling possibly world the reader and possibly was the question mark another part. But I held on to my conviction, he the Prophet Muhammad of the only humankind was in the history that succeeded in gaining the extraordinary successes both observed from the measurement of the religion and the worldly scope.
Come from-proposed from the simple family, Muhammad maintained and spread one of the biggest religions in the world, the Islam Religion. And at the time of that simultaneously appeared as a strong leader, genuine, and effective. Currently thirteen centuries after the death, his influence was still staying strong and deep as well as rooted. Most of the people who were included in this book were the lucky creature because of being born and being increased in the centres of human civilisation, high cultural and the place of the rotation of politics of nations.
Muhammad was born in the year 570 M., In the Meccah city, in the part was rather south the Arabia Peninsula, a place that at that time was the area that most crull and always behind in the world, far from the trade centre, art and science. To the orphan in the age six years, was increased in the situation around that was simple and humble. Islam sources mentioned that Muhammad a blind the letter.
His economic situation just began to improve in the age twenty-five years when he married a widow was. Although, approaching the age forty years almost did not appear the guidance of his unusualness as humankind.
Generally, the Arabian nation at that time did not embrace the certain religion except the idolator in the Mekkah city had a small number of adherents of the Jewish and Christian Religion, and big the possibility from them Muhammad for the first time heard concerning the existence of one Lord that Mahakuasa, that arranged all nature.
When he was forty years old, Muhammad was sure that the Lord of this Lord sent something to him and chose him to be the disseminator of the true belief.
While Muhammad’s three years only spread the limited religion to close friends and his relatives. Just when entered the year 613 he began to appear in front of the public. Just as he little by little had the follower, the ruler Mekkah gazed at him as the dangerous person, the maker of the sensation. In the year 622, was concerned about his safety, Muhammad hijrah to Medina, the city in north Mekkah be at a distance 200 mile. In the city he was offered the position of the authority of quite convincing politics. This hijrah incident was the important turning-point for the life of the Prophet. In Mekkah he had difficulty receiving a small number of followers, and in Medinah his follower increasingly improved so as in the fast time he could receive the influence that made him a holder of the authority that actually. In following years while the follower Muhammad grew like the fungus, a series of the battle broke between Mektah and Medina. This warfare ended the year 630 with the victory in Muhammad’s side, returned to Mekkah as the conqueror. The remnants of two half of the year from his life he witnessed the extraordinary progress in his fast matter ethnic groups The remnants of two half of the year from his life he witnessed the extraordinary progress in his fast matter Arabian ethnic groups embraced the Islam Religion. And when Muhammad died the year 632, he has ascertained himself as the effective ruler of all the Arabia peninsulas the southern part. The Bedewi ethnic group had the tradition for generations as strong and brave soldiers. But, their number not many and always was tempted by dissension and berated at each other. That was the reason they could not surpass the troops from kingdoms that were established in the area of agriculture in the north crack. But, Muhammad -lah the first person in the history, owing to strong urging the belief in oneness of the Lord, the small Arabian troops could do a series of the subjugation that was amazing in the history of humankind. On the north-east of Arabian stood the Persia Baru Sassanids Empire that was wide. In west Arabia sea stood Byzantine or the Romawi Timur Empire with Konstantinopel as his centre.
Observed from the corner of the number and the measurement,Clear Arabian can not face him. However, in the battlefield, Arabian troops that glowed his spirit with sapuan lightning could conquer Mesopotamia, Siria, and Palestine. In the year 642 Egyptian were seized from the Byzantine Empire grasp, and in the meantime troops of Persia was thrashed in the battle that was very decisive in Qadisiya the year 637 and in Nehavend the year 642.
But, The large-scale subjugation — under the command of the friend of the Prophet and his replacement of Abu Bakr and Umar ibn al-Khattab — that did not show signs stopped arrive in there. In the year 711, Arabian troops swept was finished African Utara as far as the Atlantic Ocean bank. From there they turned to the north and crossed the Gibraltar Strait and tackled the Visigothic kingdom in Spain. At first glance the person must think Muslim troops will kill completely all Christian Europe But in the year 732, in the battle that was famous and horrifying in Tours, Muslims’s one troops that went up to the centre of the French country at the end was stricken by people Frank. Although like that, only in the time secuwil the battle age, these Bedewi people -was inspired with the Prophet’s statements Muhammad- established one empirium stretched from the Indian border to white sand the Atlantic Ocean coastal bank, one empirium biggest that had been known by the history of humankind. And wherever the subjugation was carried out by Muslim troops, always was followed with in great numbers him the adherent entered the Islam Religion. Evidently, not all the subjugations of the territory were permanent.
People Persia, although still continue to the loyal follower of the Islam Religion, seized again his independence from the Arabian hands. And in Spain, after through warfare seven length centuries had finally succeeded in being controlled again by Christian people. In the meantime, Mesopotamia and Egypt two ancient cultural places of birth, continue to was on the Arabian hands as in the case of all the north African coasts. The Islam religion, of course, spread continued from one age to the other age, far took a step from the area taklukan. Generally millions of followers Islam were widespread in Africa, Asian Tengah, particularly Pakistan and India next north as well as Indonesia. In Indonesia, Agama Islam that was new that was the unifying factor. In the Indian subcontinent, almost his opposite: the existence of the new religion to because main the occurrence of dissension. What was the influence of the Prophet Muhammad that was most basic on the history of humankind? As in the case of other religions also, Islam had the extraordinary influence of the size on his followers. That was the reason why disseminators of the big religion in the world all could the place in this book.
if being measured from the number, the number of adherents of the Nasrani Religion twice the size fold from the adherent of the Islam Religion, automatically emerged the question mark whether the reason for placing the place of the Prophet Muhammad was higher than Isa’s Prophet in the list. There were two main reasons that were my grip. Firstly, Muhammad played the role was far more important in the Islam development compared with the role of Isa’s Prophet towards the Nasrani Religion. Although the Prophet Isa was responsible towards moral main teachings and Christian ethics (until the certain limit was different from Yudaisme), St. Paul was the leading figure of the main disseminator of Christian theology, the leading figure of his disseminator, and the writer the most the Lama agreements.
On the other hand Muhammad not only was responsible towards Islam theology but at the same time also towards the subjects of ethics and moral him. In addition also he the “registrar” of the Holy Scripture of Al-Quran, the revelation collection to Muhammad that was believed in by him came directly from Allah. Most of these revelations were copied fully the sincerity for Muhammad still was living and was afterwards being assembled in the form of that was not shaken not long after he died. Al-Quran therefore connected was tight to Muhammad’s views as well as his teachings because he leant on the Lord’s revelation. On the other hand, there was not even one collections that was so detailed from Isa’s teachings that still could be encountered in the period now. Because of Al-Quran for Muslims more or less was the same the importance with Injil for the Christian group, Muhammad’s influence with the mediation of Al-Quran very much the size. The possibility of Muhammad’s influence in Islam was bigger than Isa’s influence and St. Paul in the Christian world was combined was one. Measured from a corner eye of the religion, apparently Muhammad’s influence was equal to Isa in the history of humanity.


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