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Gaza – Infopalestina: Palestinian Health Minister, Basem Naeem stressed slaughter casualties were open that was carried out by colonisers’s troops Zionis Israel in the Gaza Strip since Saturday (27/12) reached more than 300 martyrs and more than 1000 other was wounded, 180 in the critical condition. In the meantime dozens of other casualties were still being stockpiled under ruins.
This matter was sent by Naeem in the press conference in Gaza, Ahad (28/12) the night. He said Gaza sky dark by the smoke and colonisers’s Israeli fighter while his earth was full of the martyr, the body discount and the pool of blood everywhere. The conditionThis was aggravated with the nonexistence of the medicine and medical equipment that were used to face the condition for the emergency. He said as many as 150 main medicine kinds his stock of zero, 225 medical requirements for his stock also zero and 93 special materials laboratorium his stock also zero.
In the meantime 50% ambulance could not operate because of not having gas and the fuel resulting from blockade. At this time also really was needed the electricity generator. Naeem stressed all that has happened since before the slaughter that was begun by Israel last Saturday and resulting from blockade Israel. He said, “Agresi happened in the middle of the still attitude Arabian that killed and the world conspiracy. He stated colonisers’s troops Zionis Israel only did not attack institution-institution and buildings but began booming facilities-fasilits civil and the resident’s houses.
There were dozens of warnings for vacated the house and the threat to his occupants will be destroyed on their head. He asked for the sending of the medical team Arabian and hospital-hospital the field utuk helped medical treatment of injured casualties in casualties’s moments to arrive. He appealed to Arabian countries to send the medicine and the medical requirement as soon as possible and in place of the lack of the ambulance by sending the ambulance that was ready to operate. Concerning the sending of injured casualties through gate of Rafah, Naeem said, “ there had difficulty brought casualties outside the Gaza Strip. In fact had many very serious injured casualties. Anything efforts brought casualties unsafely precisely made their life be threatened by the danger.
We were still remembering the death 6 injured casualties in Arisy finally. He said, “ we was ready to bring injured casualties when their condition was stable.He stressed that the Haniyah government has asked the Egyptian ambulance to enter Gaza to evacuate casualties but they refused on the basis of politics. Naeem said, “who that wanted to help the Palestinian people in this exam then must facilitate the arrival of the team of the doctor and the hospital the field entered as soon as possible in moments was difficult in the Gaza Strip. According to him, has had hundreds of Arabian doctors that show their readiness to enter the Gaza Strip.
Some they have spent the night beside the Egyptian border from the Rafah gate hoped could enter. However the Egyptian authority kept them. He added, moreover the medical team from the department of the Palestinian health has been beside the Gaza Strip from the Rfah gate since the morning to accept medical help Arabian, but the Egyptian authority did not permit them to enter to at this time. Naeen said thank you to countries that have helped like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Libya. However his side again asked Egypt to facilitate the entry of this help and to open the gate to enter the team of the medical team to the Gaza Strip. (seto) information further saw


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