Why West Fear Islam

Did not understand West to Islam was the Islam cause in make an enemy of?????
His answer yes. recently I accepted the comment against posting that I wrote that his contents explained the understanding of articles alquran that was wrong by the inhabitants of the west country like America, and Europe. They said that alquran told Islam people to kill people that did not believe against Allah. That was the mistake that was very big because if Islam was spread by means of the violence like that then very possibly many people will not embrace this religion.
About Jijya in the Islam context not be different from paid visas when you visited to another country . in fact if you were in the country that put the Islam law into effect, if you have paid jijya then yourself will be protected by this law
If you were not protected by this law then this country not the Islam country that obeyed, his community not the community that obeyed, because in Islam the life of people that paid jijya was to have to be protected. There is hadist that explained that
“Anyone who hurt people who came with the good aim and paid jijya then he will become my opponent in the hereafter later. anyone who dared to oppose me then he definitely would lost”
if you were in the current country the Islam law and his community were the Islam person that obeyed then they will not dare to hurt you because they will not want to become the opponent Rasulullah in the hereafter later”
One matter that you must learn, Islam was “Rahmatan lilalamin the” gift” for all great nature, the religion that loved peace, the religion that told his adherent to do a favour to his peer, the religion that raised the level of the woman, the religion that that did not allow the occurrence of slavery, the religion where all humankind was same in the eyes of Allah, that distinguished him only his faith. If you encountered the contradictory matter then they not Islam that obeyed, they were hypocrites who admitted to not obeying but undertaking his islamic canon law.
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  1. 2 Islam in English 30 January 2011 at 11:28 PM

    A good post about Islam .. I am very happy to read it, because I’m continuing to learn about Islam

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