Sir Isaac Newton is No. 2

appoint from michele hart book
Nature and the law of nature were hidden behind the night. The lord said, although Newton was available! And all of them will be very bright.
Isaac Newton, the scientist was most big and most influential that had lived in the world, was born in Woolsthrope, England, exact in Christmas Day in 1642, coincided the year with the Galileo death. As in the case of the Prophet Muhammad, he was born after his father died. In the child’s period he has shown the skill that was real in the mechanics field and very capable used his hands. Despite the child with the good brain, in the school apparently reluctantly and often did not attract attention. When stepping on the adolescent, his mother spent him from the school in the hope that his child could be the good farmer. His profit the mother could be persuaded, that the talent especially is not located there.
In his age of eighteen he entered the Cambridge University. Here Newton rapidly absorbed what afterwards famous with science and mathematics and quickly also began to carry out investigation personally. Between the age of twenty-one and twenty-seven years he has placed the foundations of the theory of science that in turn afterwards changed the world.
he middle of the 17th age was the period of the germination of science. The discovery of the star telescope close to the beginning of the age reorganised all the opinion concerning astrology. Filosof England Francis Bacon and Filosof France Rene Descartes both of them appealed to all the European scientist so that no longer leant himself on the Aristoteles authority, but carried out the trial and the research on the basis of the point of departure and the need personally. What was raised by Bacon and Descartes, has been practised by the great Galileo. The use of the star telescope, the new discovery for the astronomy research by Newton revolutionised the broad investigation, and that the implementation in the sector of mechanics produced what currently famous with the term of the “movement Law Newton” that was first. The other big scientist, like William Harvey, The discoverer about the circulation of blood and Johannes Kepler the discoverer of the movement order of planets around the sun, presented information that was very basic for the circle scientist. Nevertheless, pure science was still being the hobby of the intellectuals, and still could not be proven — if being used in technology — that science could change the pattern of the foundation of the life of humankind as being forecasted by Francis Bacon. Although Copernicus and Galileo has kicked to the edge of several views that the origin about ancient knowledge and served the understanding that was more proper about the universe, but did not have one point then that was formulated thoroughly that could turn the heap of the unclear understanding and did not have a basis along with compiled him in a theory that enabled the more scientific expansion of predictions. Actually from Isaac Newton his person who could serve the theory collection that was encompassed neat and placed the modern science cornerstone that currently his flow is the person’s model. Newton personally rather reluctantly published and announced his discoveries the idea of the foundation has been compiled by him long before 1669 but many of his theories just were it was known public for years afterwards. The first publication of his discovery was related to straightened the long view about matter-about the light. In a series of the thorough trial, Newton found the fact that what was usual was acknowledged as the person of the “white light” in fact actually from the mixture of all the colours that were contained in the rainbow. And he then with very carefully carried out the analysis about resulting from-resulting from the reflection law and the refraction of the light. Held on to this law he — during 1668 — drafted and at the same time building the first reflection telescope, the telescope model that was utilised by most investigators star-kemintang at this time. This discovery, berbarengan with results that were received by him in the trial field of optics that has been exhibited by him, was dedicated to the researcher’s United Kingdom agency by him when he was twenty-nine years old.
The Newton success In the optic field possibly has satisfied to seat Newton in the place of the list of this book. In the meantime still had discoveries that were more unimportant in the pure mathematical field and in the mechanics field. The dedication he who was big in the mathematical field was his discovery about “integral calculus” that possibly was solved by him when he was twenty-three or twenty-four years old. This discovery was the most important work in the modern mathematical field. Not only like the seed that than him grew the theory of modern mathematics, but also perabot unavoidable that without his discovery the progress of modern knowledge that came following was the impossible matter. Although Newton did not do something anything again, the discovery of his “integral calculus” has satisfied to guide him to the high ladder in the list of the place of this book. But discoveries Newton that most important was in the mechanics field, Knowledge around the movement of an object. Galileo was the first discoverer of the law that described the movement of an object if being not affected by the outside strength. Of course basically all the objects were affected by the outside strength and the problem that were most important in about mechanics was how the object moved in the situation. This problem was broken by Newton in his movement law that was second and most famous and could be regarded as the most important classic physics law. The second law (in a manner mathematics was clarified with the equality of F = m.a) appointed that the acceleration of the object was to be the same as the net style was divided by the object mass. Towards the two laws Newton increased the law the three of them that were famous about the movement (stressed that in each action, for example the physical strength, was gotten by the reaction that be the same as that was compatible) as well as that was most famous his discovery about the scientific rules of the universal gravity law. The four legal equipment, if being united, will form an unity of the system that was valid for all macro the mechanics system, beginning with the movement of the pendulum until the movement of planets in his orbit surrounded the sun that could be supervised and his movements could be forecasted. Newton only did not determine mechanics laws, but he himself also used the implement of mathematical calculus, and showed that these fundamental formulas could be utilised for the solution to the problem.


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