Oh Children Of Palestine

When all will end? When all the Palestinian children died?
How children’s fate that lived?
Because although living how they underwent the life?
How did they live without foot, the hands, the family, and the friend? How will they live without the trauma that in?
Palestinian children, believed that we were not yet blind to your suffering.
Believed that we here always prayed for you.
believed that your suffering, our suffering also.
Palestinian children believed that Allah was not blind,
Allah was always close, Allah had not slept, Allah always heard your prayer,
Palestinian children, accepted your family leaving, your friends, your teachers, they were the martyr who actually did not die, and remembered the most beautiful place that was promised by Allah to them… Allahuakbar

Please leave the comment, spirit words for Palestinian children

2 Responses to “Oh Children Of Palestine”

  1. 1 oliisays 11 January 2009 at 10:11 PM

    Please leave the comment, spirit words for Palestinian children

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